Rennes Tree surgeon

Why the Need for Tree Surgery?

Tree Surgery is usually performed on trees for four main reasons:

- To improve safety.
- To improve appearance.
- To improve the structure of the tree
- To improve light and reduce shade

Tree Surgery actions that can be carried out at any time of year:
- Dealing with problems Caused by dangerous trees
- Felling, Crown Lifting and Dead wooding
- Crown thinning and line clearance

Tree Surgery actions at different periods in the season:

- Work that strips the tree of all its leaves such as radical Crow reductions is best carried out at the end of the summer season, this puts the tree under less stress as it coincides with the trees natural seasonal rhythm.
- Some trees bleed if cut late in the dormant season. Trees that bleed are Acer and Silver Birch both bleed if pruned Feb- April. Walnut is also a notable exception and should be pruned when in leaf.

Environmental sustainability

Increasing pressure on our environment means that the role of the tree surgeon is becoming more and more important. More houses are being built, more cables over and under ground are being laid, more roads are being built, all of which have a direct and indirect effect on our trees.

Trees that cause problems to houses, telephone cables or traffic circulation is a major part of our work.

Indirectly pollution and climate change is causing stress in tree populations and burning of rubbish is becoming more and more unacceptable this is why as part of our environmental policy we recycle all our arisings into wood chips.

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