Reduced Carbon Footprint

Natural woodland appearance with woodchips.

A safer alternative to stone chips which often end up on the lawn wood chips are also light and easy to transport. Ideal for weed control in shrub and flowerbeds. Helps keep the mud off the feet in dog walking paths, wood Chips are also ideal for equestrian riding arenas.

A natural product with no chemicals

  1. Wood chips can smother herbaceous weeds, especially grasses and reduce evaporation of water from the soil surface and consequently reduce the risk of soil-moisture deficits occurring. Plants tent to be healthier as a result and the soil should require less irrigation.
  2. Wood chips mixed with soil increase the amount of organic matter, resulting in loosening and improvement in the structure of heavy clays and with light sandy soils there can also be an increase in the overall water holding capacity. These two factors encourage root development.
  3. Mulches also tend to have an insulating effect on the soil, reducing the rate at which heat is lost in winter.

For more information: Arboriculture Research note 123/94/FP

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