Mobile Saw Mill around Rennes

The value of wood

People see what finished timber sells for, or the oak table in a shop and realise the potential value of timber but the tree in their garden is not worth a small fortune while it is still in the log form.

There are many steps in making a log into valuable timber or the Oak table in the shop. First and foremost the tree has to contain quality timber. The remaining steps felling, sawing, and drying all include expensive equipment and experience. By milling timber on site, I can help customers looking to realise more of the value of there home grown Timber other than just fire wood.

Wood is one of the cheapest materials in the log form and most expensive as an end product so the more you process it, the more return value you can expect from it.

Working as a tree surgeon I often get garden trees to plank and garden trees normally have to be dismantled and cut up they are difficult to move in one piece and can contain obvious defects like rot, big knots, etc.

The rewards for a large timber company are not economic. By having a mobile saw mill I can come to you and mill on site saving the enormous amounts of money and time involved in full scale forestry operations. Your timber will start to become a valuable home grown product.

Please Note *

Having a saw mill I get people looking to sell me logs. I do buy some logs, most I get delivered for free by other tree services I work with but I will always entertain making an offer on a log that has value to me. Feel free to give me a call.

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