Stump Removal service throughout Rennes

Complete service with professional tools

A stump grinder is quick and efficient, can tackle any size stump, travel over delicate surfaces without damage and stumps can be priced individually.

No nasty stumps left in the garden

Whether you have old stumps in your garden to get rid of or would like to reseed or replant after the completion of tree work, using a stump grinder as opposed to other methods of removal has great advantages.

stump grinder

  1. The stump is removed straight away, as opposed to letting the stump rot.
  2. With a stump grinder access is rarely a problem as it can pass through a side gate.
  3. A stump grinder does not damage lawns and other surfaces getting to and from the stump as with a tractor or tracked vehicle.
  4. After the stump grinder has finished its work you are left with just soil and wood chip which can be used to back fill the hole as opposed to a stump and a hole when using a digger.

stump grinder {JPG} stump grinderstump grinder {JPG}

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